An Easy Guide To Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Are you uncertain of what is actually an acoustic-electric guitar and feel like you should explore this foreign land? If you’re already someone who knows what’s what with guitars, this terminology won’t puzzle you. However, regardless of your background knowledge, putting together all the information can be a hassle. In this manner, this article provides you with a step-by-step guide to what are the essential features of acoustic-electric guitars and what are they good for.

What differentiates acoustic-electric guitars from others?

First of all, you can judge an acoustic-electric guitar by the fact that you can plug it into a power amp. Thus, you can experience a louder sound of an acoustic-like guitar. Another aspect that these guitars provide is the fact that you can alter the sound with sound equipment, such as pedals. In this manner, you can layer sounds or play with the score.

Ultimately, two additional factors make an acoustic-electric guitar different, and that are the pick-up and the preamp. The pick-up sits under the saddle and is responsible for catching the vibrations that the strings emit. Then, the preamp, which acts as a bridge between the pick-up and the amp, accounts for creating a strong electric signal that will later be processed by the amplifier.

Central factors of a high-quality acoustic-electric guitar

  • Shape. Crucial to a rich and harmonious sound is the shape of the guitar. In this manner, the larger the body, the deeper a sound your guitar will deliver.
  • Material. The material plays just as an important role as the style of the body. Though cheaper guitars are made of laminated wood, acoustic electrics that deliver better resonance are usually designed out of hard wood. Regarding the wood type, most experts incline towards mahogany and spruce.
  • Neck. Although a smaller neck is easier to control, a bigger one provides a more versatile music experience. On a similar note, the finish of the frets is substantial in the delivery of the sound.
  • Accessories. We’ve brought up to the discussion the pick-up system and the preamp. These external components are crucial to the electric part of the guitar. As a suggestion, you might want to look for guitars that provide both these accessories since it might save off your shoulders some time and extra money.
  • Brand. Generally, solid brands cater to high-quality guitars that uphold blue-ribbon components, thus, if you’re not on a low budget, we advise you to look for models with a valuable upbringing. For instance, Yamaha is one of the long-living brands that had hardly disappointed the customers throughout the years. Our favorite Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the FGX820C model which is both affordable and provides the Yamaha build quality.

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