What Will We Do Now?!

Modern Family

Like most modern families of the 21st century, our lives have shifted towards dinner dates for twos instead of chatting it up at the dinner table. No, people are not choosing dinner dates over family time but are instead making television and entertainment sources they’re significant other. Losing a television set could seem like a loss of identiy but when our family met the unfortunate fate we decided to write our own script.

Fireplaces have forever been the centerpiece of many homes, unfortunately they have also become the captivating artistic piece at the most. With the amount of time spent in our living room going towards shows, one word answers and head nods it was time for an escape. We purchased a portable fire pit so with any purchase, everyone wants to know “Are portable fire pits a good investment?”.

The Shift

Our nightly routine went from bringing plates in our rooms to taking the food outside. We told stories and kept ourselves incredibly warm. We formed circles around our new gadget and made actual eye contact just by looking up from the flames. A family that spent little time bonding, that dived into the little pop culture we had in common was now sharing daily insight and filled with wonder under the stars.

You hear animals outside and your backyard transforms into a safari where all things under the canopy are up for debate. Our family was now roasting marshmallows like a campout and the things we held as special occasions were now becoming the highlight of our days. We were eager to put the phones down and reluctant to put the fire away. A little purchase could go a long way.

What Are Your Values?

A portable fireplace is not going to save you money on heating your house in the cold winter months. It will not cut your electricity bill in half and it is not going to be the replacement for all things digital. A portable fireplace is a good investment for those who value family time and sharing little moments. The purchase will be one of the best you could ever make if you don’t mind having guests over and hosting minnie parties with your new outside living. It will shift the focus from commenting on an actors hair color to telling stories and conversations. How many vivid memories do people have from staring at a screen while their loved ones chew profusely?

I would assume not too many and if so not very pleasant ones. My memories will always come from seeing my grandfathers face lit with the under glow of orange flames. He said the same stories over and over again from the Korean War and I wouldn’t have cherished them in a setting that wasn’t so intimate. Either you buy an indoor pit or outdoor won’t make much of a difference as long as it becomes the gathering spot. If you cherish memories and family time a portable fireplace is the best investment you could make.

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