Coffees are the most common drinks that people take when they meet up and it is an early morning drink for most people. There is this believe that for your day to be successful and end up at high note you need a cup of coffee. However, for you to have a great cup of coffee you need the best coffee machine in the market. Keurig model is the best as it has the necessary features and it suits your taste and the lifestyle you live. Here are the top rated keurig coffee machines and their reviews. After this you can consider having one in your home.

Keurig K55 model.

This type of keurig coffee machine is among the classic, simplest and the most unique model that you can have. It is more of a k-cup technology brewer. It has three buttons that help you choose the amount of coffee that you want to brew may it be five or ten ounces cups of coffee. It is so easy to operate and manage this type of brewer as they also have indicator lights that can show you in case of any technical issue that comes up and needs to be taken care of. This indicator lights can also show you if you need to add more water or if the brewer is heating. It can also shut itself down after brewing for two hours, it has power saving features. One of the greatest advantages of this brewer is that it can take up to 48 ounces of water and it is great for people that lie good coffees. The disadvantage is that it is too simple and its design cannot suit the people that like designer collection in their homes.

Keurig K575 plus series has so many brewing options that suit everyone.

It is not a simple brewer and it has a unique feature which is there are no buttons instead it is a touchscreen brewer. Being a digital coffee brewer you can control the temperature of your coffee whether you like it hot or cold, it brews it the way you want it. It can also make your coffee strong if you like your coffee strong, it just has so many options doesn’t it? It has eleven coffee brewing options. It is suitable for large family use or office as it has a large water reservoir. I highly recommend this coffee brewer as it has so many options, a large reservoir that can make up to 80 ounces and it is touch screen so digital. However, all these options are less likely to be needed or used by most people.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte brewer.

This coffee brewer is designed to make the most powerful espresso and a great latte as it’s also a very good latte machine. It also has milk depending on whatever milk or substitute that favors you. It has five buttons where by three of them are all about the milk options while the two left are for espresso volume. The milk frothing needs a lot of pressure for it to be accurate. However, one of its disadvantages is that it is too silent some families may need an espresso machine that will whistle or has bells.

It is up to you to decide what type of keurig coffee machine that you will like. Enjoy your brewing.