Going on a Fishing Vacation? Here’s What You Need

Apart from being the process of catching fish, Fishing is also an important way for people to interact with other aquatic animals. This makes it a unique form of adventure. When getting ready for a fishing vacation, proper packing is essential. It is the best way of preparing yourself for a great fishing experience. Below is a list of the things needed for a fishing vacation. You can use it when packing for your angling expedition.

  • Clothing

Dressing properly will keep you safe and comfortable. It is important if you want to completely enjoy your adventure. On the waters, it’s usually 10-15 degrees cooler than it is inland. Conditions can also change rapidly and thus the clothing should be adjustable accordingly.

  • Cold weather fishing attires

When headed to places with cold climates, you should ensure that all the clothes you choose are of the best quality. Carry the highest quality gear affordable to you i.e. the gear should serve you more than a single jacket would. Waterproof pants, hats, gloves and footwear will all keep you warm. You easily get soaked while fishing and with these items, you will be able to fish more comfortably throughout the day. You should also not forget to carry a windbreaker, hoodie or fleece.

  • Warm weather fishing attires

On warm climates, you will be spending your time under the sun and over exposure will lead to burns, exhaustion, dehydration etc. Under such weather conditions, you should cover yourself with light weight shirts that are long-sleeved and have ventilation. This will protect you from direct sun burns and keep you cool. You should also not forget to pack a pair of light shoes and some synthetic pants that can dry quickly if soaked in water.

Personal items

  • Passport
  • Fishing license
  • Cash to pay for items on the boat such as fish cleaning and gallery purchases
  • Polarized sunglasses that will cut the glare so that you can see well when fishing and also protect your eyes from direct sun rays
  • Hat
  • Sun screens to avoid skin exposure
  • An insect repellant that can keep away bugs that may ruin the vacation
  • Shampoo, soap and body wash
  • Waterproof bag for transporting your gear in the  boat and on flyouts
  • A first aid kit – mainly carry the basics that may treat minor injuries such as a cut
  • Small dry bag for placing your phone and camera
  • Toiletries and medications
  • Equipment and tackle

This is the fishing gear that you will require. There is a difference in the fishing gear depending on the type of fishing to be done, namely; deep fishing and fly fishing.

  • Deep fishing tackle
  • Rod and reels combo
  • Rod and reels storage
  • Hard, swim and soft baits
  • Fish attractants and bait fishing line
  • Fly fishing tackle
  • Fishing reels, bait casts and spinning reels
  • Fishing and casting rods
  • Hard bait and soft bait lures
  • Terminal tackle fishing line
  • Fishing nets
  • Fillet knives and tables
  • fish finder
  • saltwater fishing reel


It is clear that proper packing for a fishing expedition is important. The list above can help anyone who is headed for a vacation. Make your adventure perfect by using the list to pack for the things that you will need during the fishing trip.