Population Growth

We have so much on the 6.8 billion people in a small area of ​​8.000 thousand miles by seven miles, in breadth, and the height of a capital of 24.000 we call the earth. To add half a million people, about one every week as our global population! How many things there are, what is the point to describe it as a global overpopulation? What is the carrying capacity of our planet? And making present the enemy, with cruel, or whether there is not to thee: deliver is in keeping with the growth of the population! What are the causes and effects of human overpopulation?

Humankind is known hominids has spread in the land, and fossil According to records, 5 to 6 million years. The man moved from one class to the other before our humanity, which appeared about two million years ago and half a million. In some species, we transitioned from a human before our species, homo sapiens ( “conscious people”), appeared about 150,000 years ago.

5 to 6 million per year that we have here is an Inc (4.56 billion years the earth has existed for a universe that existed between 13,7 billion years ago), and Gallograeci hunters and hunters. Stone Age collectors. 150.000 years, modern humans were hunters and gatherers and they are. about 12,000 years ago with the domestication of plants and animals began advocating our era. And after that about agrarian, we have been. as it is above 200 years, and the late eighteenth century, in England, in the industrial era began. In the 1850 spread to Belgium, Germany, France and the United States. At that time, other industrial countries. Sixty years ago, to move from the industrial age into the information age in which we live today, the post-industrial high-tech. He is the age of information almost instantly transmit to us anyway allows.

In 1960, this year to 150.000. It took as long as people accumulate 3 billion. How long will it take, there is no number that is doubled? Thirty-nine! In 1999, 6 billion people have arrived. It is estimated that 9.200 million in 2050. This is the exponential growth rate of birth, raising the capacity of the ground.

The result will be more disturbing human overpopulation. The birth rate increased, the exhaustion of natural resources, they are faster than they can be replaced, creating huge economic pressure at the national level in the standard of living immersed in the world. Because many people do not understand the reality of our needs, we created an interdependent network of global environmental problems. Deplete us of our natural faculties; Our forests, our fisheries, our pastures, our land, our land and cultivated species of plants and animals. Page eyeballs are removed by development (called the sixth great wave of extinction of Earth history to various external circumstances caused by us).

Powerful developer basketball and nutrition pumps new benefits to our citizens, decreasing the groundwater and groundwater. This pollutes the air and water of the earth, and therefore the order of the food chain. We’re running out of stratospheric ozone that protects us from harmful ultraviolet light. And we know the symptoms of global warming, heat waves, devastating droughts, forest destruction accelerated the extinction of species, coral reefs die, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, more frequent and intense storms, and the rapid spread of the disease.

What is the solution to global overpopulation? What can we do to population growth is out of control? The answer is education. We, humans, are a very young species. Here they have been lately. We are like a child learning to walk. We need a rapid change in the face of serious challenges that behaviour. Is the mistress of the nature of the father of the father of our God is come up? ‘ In any case, in all other matters relating to the fruits of life, we have to know Spain. If we have nothing else of the breach, lest we are put.

We are in such a very small planet, and all of the more than seven, and we can continue connecting between us is important, ecological systems, as the biosphere.